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Antonio Grate

Inspirational Speaker



The power of BEGRATEFUL will bring Hope to the Hopeless, Love to the Unloved and Victory to the lives of the listeners. This heartfelt message includes Breaking the Spirit of Depression, Mental Fortitude and much more. It will tug at the very hearts and minds of any audience.

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Dare to Be Different

Antonio's “Dare to Be Different Principles” helped to direct his life while growing up in the toxic environment of inner city Chicago. He addresses the importance of awareness, choices, self worth, and value all while sharing his dynamic personal story. 

Run Your Race

Through the demonstration of a track and field race coupled with his own dynamic personal stories. Antonio's “Run Your Race Principles” will empower students to overcome adversity while learning to love themselves.


Dream Big

Antonio shares a very inspiring and captivating message for anyone who has lost sight of their dreams. His “Dare to Dream Principles” will challenge your vision by asking “What do You See?”

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