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Antonio Grate is a very dynamic Youth Inspirational Speaker in the foster care system. As a former foster youth Antonio understands firsthand the inner struggles that many youth in the foster care system deal with on a daily basis.

Antonio through transparency shares a motivating, inspiring and empowering message on how to strategically get over the hurt, disappointment and anger that plague so many of the youth in foster care today. His tag line BEGRATEFUL is a message that’s designed to bring about hope, healing, restoration, love and victory in the lives of his audience. 

It is his mission to tell his story of how he has overcome insurmountable odds to now live a life of joy, peace, happiness and love. His passionate delivery and heartfelt sincerity touches the heart of the listeners. And leaves them wanting more.


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Antonio shares a powerful message that inspire foster youth to have the courage to face challenges and persevere beyond the obstacles in their lives. Antonio gives practical strategies on how he achieved success despite a very tough upbringing in the inner city of Chicago. 

He was extremely grateful to have the opportunity many years later to take this iconic picture with his social worker while in foster care.


Amazing speaker!!! Speaks with such enthusiasm and passion! I can always hear the fire when he stands to speak. Not in arrogance or cockiness, he speaks with love and such confidence! His story is captivating and freeing all at the same time. He has a word that the world needs to hear!!! 

Keaires Roberson

Author and Transformation Speaker